It’s kinda weird—I mean why not actually direct the ask to ME? It’s kinda hard for me to answer these when they aren’t actually to me. Granted this sounds rhetorical and I guess the point is that I’m not supposed to be able to answer.

Well thank god for the print screen key huh?

The difference between me privately laughing and the public mocking that in my opinion is going on, is:

Privately: I am not posting the images in a public venue. I don’t plop myself down in front of dA with a bowl of popcorn and think “yes, I am going to look for bad art to laugh at today.” I just happen across it, I chuckle, maybe show it to a friend, say something to myself like “man, what the hell is up with that arm?” then maybe stop and leave a nice comment suggesting how they might fix the arm. None of my laughing is in a public venue.

On the other hand, what I saw on deviantartwhy was the occasional batshit-insane subject matter which I’m leery about saying I’m ok with because it does seem somewhat hypocritical to mock someone’s fetishes or whatever; but what I also saw was some drawings that looked a lot like the kind of stuff I drew when I was younger. Which makes me think that there are a chunk of young people out there, or people just starting to get into drawing, who might stumble across the blog and see their drawing posted and probably won’t feel very great about seeing their little drawing that they were proud of regardless of quality posted on a “bad art bloge” for a bunch of people to see. It’s great that you remove the names and whatnot but it doesn’t change the fact that I think what’s happening here is a little scummy.

THAT is where I think the difference is. tl;dr I’m not openly laughing at these people, I chuckle for a few seconds at my desk and then leave some hopefully helpful comments if they seem like they want it. Whereas this blog seems dedicated to laughing at these people.

You guys can gladly disagree with me but I thought I was being pretty polite and I’ll be happy to discuss this stuff but there’s no reason to get, well, douchey.